Beaver Sewing Machine.

Welcome to the Beaver sewing machine page in the Raymond Sewing Machine Research Project.  Beaver Sewing machine labelled sewing machine might be connected to Raymond Sewing Machine company of Guelph Ontario but there were others.

Beaver sewing machine and use of in trademark.

The famous Canadian symbol, a Beaver, appears on the 1870s Raymond sewing machine first.  A Beaver as Canada’s national symbol certainly had a long history in Canada by this time.  Therefore, it was a natural choice but, it is not original to Raymond’s sewing machines.  A Beaver in trademark fashion commonly appears on Raymond machines, treadle irons or, both.  Raymond’s signature also appears across the middle until 1902.

The Beaver Economy head presented here appears only with the wording across the arm.  Beaver-labeled machines are, incidentally, in the lowest serial number range.  Therefore, any Beaver label machine is early in the economy line history.


If the decoration has worn off of the sewing head, there hence, might be very little left to see on the machine.  Fortunately, the word Beaver or Beaver symbol may be found cast into the iron stand and as a result, is what brought you to this page.  In fact, this is a strong indication you’re seeing Charles Raymond’s official trademark in use since the 1870s.

I can help you identify your sewing machine.

Beaver sewing machine; additional challenges:

Another challenge researchers discover is the same name or label in use upon many different machines.  Strangely, it was common for the day creating much confusion today.  For example, Victor, Reliance or Windsor have all been used by different sewing machine makers but are completely different machines.  Once you find the right maker, then you can find parts and help.

Unfortunately, unlike Singer for example, the original Raymond manufacturing records have never been found in any archive.  I always keep hoping a great great grandchild of a key employee have dusty records in their basement and that they surface someday. Well, we can certainly dream.

But, since I now have an extensive database of Raymond sewing machines that I have compiled over years,  I enjoy sharing what I know.  Still, I continue to search and read archives but also talk to everyone I can.  Meanwhile, with your help, I continue to record all that I can find.  

My research project is on going to this day as you read this. There is no cost to find out about your machine, just send an email with photos and the serial number.  If need, I will send you a manual for your Beaver sewing machine.


Congratulations, above all, you have a rare and unique antique even if not made by Raymond Sewing Machine Company of Guelph Ontario.  More importantly, it is a working antique without much worry it will break.  Certainly, some are in better shape than others but I can guide you with that too.  Thank you, and, I hope to hear from you soon.

Finally, the Guelph Civic museum has a great archive but also a Raymond sewing machine collection. Certainly consider visiting there soon.