Famous Sewing Machine.

Welcome to the Famous Sewing Machine page in the Raymond Sewing Machine Research Project.  Your Famous sewing machine might be connected to Raymond Sewing Machine company of Guelph Ontario but there were others.

If the decoration has worn off of the sewing head, there might be very little left to see on the machine. Fortunately, I can tell by your photos and the serial number to know for sure.

I offer assistance to identify your sewing machine.

Famous Sewing Machine; additional ID challenges:

Another challenge researchers have discovered is the use of the same name or label upon many different machines.  Strangely, this is common which creates much confusion today.  For example, Victor, Windsor or Famous sewing machine have all been used by difference sewing machine makers but are completely different machines.  Once you find the right maker, then you can find parts and help for your Famous Sewing Machine.

Unfortunately, unlike Singer for example, the original Raymond manufacturing records have never been found in any archive.  In the hope that a great great grand child of a key employee have records in their basement to surface someday… well, we can certainly dream.

Instead, I now have an extensive database of Raymond sewing machines that I have compiled over years.  And, I enjoy sharing what I know.  Still, I continue to search and read archives but also talk to everyone I can.  Meanwhile, with your help, I continue to record all that I can find.  

Presently, my research project is on going as you read this.  Additionally, there is no cost to find out about your machine.  Simply send an email with photos and the serial number.  If need, I will send you the correct manual for your  Famous Sewing Machine.


Congratulations, above all, you have a rare and unique antique even if not made by Raymond Sewing Machine Company of Guelph Ontario.  More importantly, it is a working antique without much worry it will break.  Certainly, some are in better shape than others but I can guide you with that too.  Thank you, and, I hope to hear from you soon.

Photo gallery. Note, provided photos are a take what I receive and not always great shots. Thanks for understanding.

And now I introduce you to, Guelph’s local historian, Bonnie Durtnall.  I credit Bonnie for parts of my research as she’s never hesitated to help.  Bonnie’s page has a wealth of history and I always learn each time I review her site.  Click to enter the page and enjoy Guelph labor history.

The Guelph Civic museum has a great archive but also a Raymond sewing machine collection. Consider visiting soon.